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Northeast Tech Reps is a boutique manufacturers representative firm serving the Boston, Hartford, Albany, Buffalo & Providence metropolitan areas.  Unlike other manufacturer’s representative firms that will carry 10 or 20 lines at a time, we typically will have one or two technical product lines at a time to keep us focused.  In that way we truly are an outsourced technical sales and application support company, focusing on electrical and mechanical engineered product solutions.

Because of this focus we can only engage with manufacturers that have the following qualities:

  • Integrity
  • Quality products
  • Some base business

The owner of Northeast Tech Reps, started his selling and entrepreneurial ways in the 3rd grade!  The story of this early beginning can be found here…  He went on to sell in various capacities while in high school, and early college years.   It was during his early college years that he first took the leap of faith to work on strictly commission with no base salary.  By his early 20’s he was well into crafting and developing his selling spirit.  Not many people self financed their college education on straight commission.

After he had graduated from George Washington University he went to work for the International Trade Administration and US Customs Service for a few years, before returning to his true calling of sales.  It was at this point that he got his first taste of technical industrial selling while working for PAT Associates, a manufacturers representative firm.  This firm which covered the metropolitan areas of Boston, MA; Hartford, CT; and Providence, RI served as a manufacturers representative to  roughly 20 manufacturers.  During his 10 year tenure with PAT Associates he achieved many milestones, such as, year over year quota busting and new customer acquisition records.

When he left PAT Associates to work as an independent contractor, he came to love the tax benefits of working through his own company.  He continued to thrive and learn new skills like distribution management, and large account management.  Over the years there have been many win/win successful sales solutions.  One example is when through his broad based technical application knowledge he was able to converted a $25 component lead into a custom $125 solution that still saved the customer about $100 a unit.  This resulted in his first $500,000+ order, and as of 2016 the OEM design has been in production for 8 years.  The results of which meant million dollars in revenue for the manufacturer.

A Little More About Northeast Tech Reps

Northeast Tech Reps is a manufacturer’s representative  and business development firm specializing in OEM & long cycle capital, equipment sales & application support in the New England and Boston Massachusetts region. With over 20 years of technical application sales support in Research & Development, Quality, Production, Sustaining Engineering and basic research at top notch companies like IBM, General Dynamics, EMC, Raytheon, MIT, Waters, Thermo Electron, and hundreds more in the Boston, Massachusetts and surrounding New England states, Northeast Tech Reps is a manufacturers representative firm you can count on to handle the technical challenges that lie beyond the purchasing department.  Their electro-mechanical background allows them to serve customers with creative solutions to unique problems by utilizing their manufacturer’s products.