Technical Industrial Products Sold

Technologies I’ve Sold in the past but no longer sell for these manufacturers

Over the course of a 20+ year career in technical industrial selling the owner has sold a number of leading edge technologies and equipment.  The primary customer groups to which this technology has been sold into were the Research and Development, and Quality Engineers.  The typical mechanical engineer or electrical engineer has always been way over worked and more than happy to have our application support from a great sales engineer.

The application support focus of a sales engineer provides a win-win environment for both the sales engineer and the mechanical engineer or electrical engineer.  Often times the owner would take a big picture approach to the application at hand and come up with a new or novel approaches to solve the application at hand.  Even though the owner now focuses on 1-2 product offerings at a time, the previous multi-line selling application experience comes in very handy.

I no longer list the companies I sell for, due to competition among representatives.  The website is primarily utilized to showcase my capabilities to manufacturers.

Mechanical Engineering Products- Sensor Technologies

Test and Measurement Instruments