The Seed is Planted – How I Began Selling

Uncovering unusual selling opportunities is a specialty of mine
Uncovering unique market niches is a specialty of mine

Salesmanship 101

My selling journey to becoming a great sales professional began at the age of 8 or 9 while still attending elementary school. The school where I attended required all the boys to wear a tie to school, most of whom wore clip on ties. I on the other hand was styling in a box of hand me down ties given to me by my father, all of which needed to be hand tied. I had them all pre-tied so you just slipped it over your head, and had 5 or so of them stuffed in my desk.

Well for some reason all the kids wanted to wear my ties instead of the clip on ties they had.  I sensed an opportunity, and began renting them out for a quarter a day. At those rates I was making some good money for a 9 year old boy in 1976.  As can happen in the high stake world of Sales good times turned into bad due to something beyond your control.  In this case the nuns shut down me little profit making enterprise.  At the young age of 9, I had experienced my first business startup and closing within a matter of a few weeks.


I may have been down, but I wasn’t out.  Being that it was a catholic school, we always had to sell Christmas cards & raffle tickets. Over the years selling these items I ended up winning a bunch of worthless forgettable prizes. Top seller in the class, school became common place.  Even later in life as I started my professional industrial selling career, I continued to get trophies, letters of recognition, etc.  However, these were never the motivating factor that drove me to work hard and sell.  I sold and continued to do so because I love helping people, and selling pays better than social work.  I rest assured that in knowing that when I leave this earth in some small way, I’ve made the world better through my actions of helping others.

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