Customers and Industries Served

F135 Stock Photos
F135 Stock Photos

Industries and stakeholder experience

The two lists below in conjunction with the technical product lists should provide the reader with a better understanding of what the owner brings to the table.  Granted they do not encompass all the experience, but certainly the majority of the experience.  My view is this skill set is easy basic physics stuff.  However, over the years I’ve realized that few people really understand what needs to take place to measure 25 atto Amps, or place a needle on a 100 nano meter square target.


Selling technical products into Medical, Defense, Semiconductor and the electro-mechanical manufacturing sector has been my focus for more than 20 years.

By far my favorite is working with the medical device manufacturers.  This was a great design win, and has a great story behind it as well.

medical 2

Sample of Industries serviced

  • Electronics – components, sub-assemblies, manufacturing equipment
  • Semiconductors – test and diagnostic tools (back end)
  • Medical – components, sub-assemblies, manufacturing equipment
  • Aerospace – components, sub-assemblies, manufacturing equipment
  • Telecommunications – manufacturing equipment
  • Oceanography – diagnostic tools and components
  • Packaging – components and sub-assemblies
  • Consumer electronics – manufacturing equipment
  • Steel industry – components
  • Automotive – components and manufacturing equipment
  • Food Equipment –components
  • Energy Process-components

Typical Customers

  • Research and Development – staff through 2nd line management
  • Purchasing – staff through 2nd line management
  • Manufacturing – floor technicians through VP level
  • Quality – floor technicians through 1st line management
  • Maintenance – floor technicians through 1st line management
  • Education – grad students through department head
  • Direct Consumer – home owner through small proprietorship