Working with Northeast Tech Reps

Northeast Tech Reps offers 3 primary services to manufacturers in the OEM, Test & Measurement, sensors, and Industrial Capital Equipment industries:

  1. Sales representation in the states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, & Rhode Island.
  2. National sales force development and management.
  3. International business development.
  4. Marketing strategy, website development, & Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Outsourced sales forces are a great alternative to direct employees:

  1. Problem solving approach out performs product selling.
  2. Vested partner in manufacturer’s success.
  3. Predictable sales costs that go up and down with sales volume.
  4. Lower cost of sales.
  5. Standardized sales costs.
  6. More experienced sales force.
  7. Sales people offer broader market knowledge and penetration.
  8. Lower turnover then direct employees.
  9. REPS often have stronger local relationships.
  10. Manufacturer’s representatives provide unfiltered knowledgeable advice and information.

Contracted Sales Force Management is a great alternative to a direct employee:

  1. No benefit costs
  2. No unemployment insurance cost
  3. No FICA cost
  4. Work towards accomplishing clearly defined goals and objectives
  5. Work as a member of the team

A Little More About Northeast Tech Reps

Northeast Tech Reps is a manufacturer’s representative  and business development firm specializing in OEM & long cycle capital, equipment sales & application support in the New England and Boston Massachusetts region. With over 20 years of technical application sales support in Research & Development, Quality, Production, Sustaining Engineering and basic research at top notch companies like IBM, General Dynamics, EMC, Raytheon, MIT, Waters, Thermo Electron, and hundreds more in the Boston, Massachusetts and surrounding New England states, Northeast Tech Reps is a manufacturers representative firm you can count on to handle the technical challenges that lie beyond the purchasing department.  Their electro-mechanical background allows them to serve customers with creative solutions to unique problems by utilizing their manufacturer’s products.